Hello and a very warm welcome to The Living-Room. You may have arrived here by accident, or perhaps a friend directed you here.

The purpose of this space is to create an inviting, comfortable place to relax in and, most importantly, to chat with other women on any aspect of violence and abuse you may have experienced in your life and to let us know how you overcame that violation.

The Living-Room is not a place to seek counseling or advice; it’s for survivors of sexual assault to be able to speak their truth, be heard and to find solace in this sisterhood.

I used to wonder if abuse was an integral part of life, a frightening, aggressive power lorded over a weaker me, an unpleasant place where I seemed to be a chattel or slave, or just an object to be treated as less than human. I thought that this, or something like it, was what every child must go through as a part of growing up, a rite of passage of sorts. Only years later did I discover that my situation was a horrifying parody of childhood, and that those whom I naturally turned to for love and nurturance, were, in fact, evil in their treatment of me. It colored my whole existence until my mid-forties when I embarked on the hardest, longest journey of my life to date, the formal counseling experience, which took about eight intensive years. The work was tough, the path was crooked with, often, very little light and lots of terrifying encounters but, I found myself arriving at the “now” where “the ordinary” in everything was very exciting. Most people were OK to be around, most places were safe and I was in a space where I could start to live and work and even dream like other people. I could just BE and that was so freeing.

Your contributions, your stories, whether they be in the form of comments, suggestions, questions, books, movies, financial, workshops, inspirational quotes or anything else you’d like to share with others, will all be read and, provided they are free of any kind of prejudice or malice towards another person or group, they’ll be posted. If you want to speak to me alone, send your note to pooch1@rogers.com.

Sit back, relax, have a “cuppa” and read My Testimony. Know that you’re not alone, no matter where you live. Spread the word so we can begin to heighten awareness openly on this ancient travesty performed on children and women. I’m looking forward to a warm and open dialogue with my new friends.

In May 2015 I guested on an Ottawa radio show, and told the audience my vision for The Living-Room. You can still listen on-demand here: http://bit.ly/1R9kEbq,




5 Responses to About

  1. Alison Stortz says:

    This is a wonderful thing you have created, Lynn. God bless you!

  2. I love this idea, Lynn. Bravo. This is a beautiful idea for women who have endured abuse.

  3. Tina Stalter says:

    You are an amazing woman, and a true testament that we can live loving productive lives, despite horrific pasts. I applaud your healing mission, and pray God and his angels show you their love and grace daily.

  4. Quirkymom says:

    Oh, wow! What an amazing outcome to have this warm, safe place available to so many who need that after surviving your own life challenges.

  5. Brenda desrochers says:

    My dear friend…you have been given a wonderful gift and are speaking out for all who,are unable. I did not experience violence in my life so I can only imagine the mental and physical pain. Abuse and violence have been kept in the closet…I know this link must be a Godsend to many who suffer.

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